Welcome to East Texas!

I’ve spent most of my life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area….most if it smack-dab in the middle of it.  Loved it!  Never a shortage of places to go and things to do in a metropolitan area as large as DFW.  But a job change moved us to East Texas in 2010.  Obviously, we no longer deal with such big-city maladies as traffic jams and ongoing construction.  But moving to the “country” definitely has a learning curve all its own.  And that’s why we came up with this l’il site.

In the city, you can travel just a few minutes (depending upon traffic) to complete the most mundane task.  In East Texas, there’s no shortage of conveniences but one must be a little more diligent in the planning department.  Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of spending a lot of time running from place to place.

East Texas is a great place for hunting, and the Internet is a great place for finding information, but the two rarely come together.  So, welcome to our attempt to make your (new?) life in East Texas a little easier.

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