Flag – Wall Mounted Box – Fit Burial Flag Case


The 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case is perfect case for hanging on the wall to display two flags. Can be made to display either 3’x5′ or 5’x8′ , and 5 x 9.5 flags. that case is Hand mad. Made in USA

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For those who want to display more than one flag at once, no matter what the combination of flags are? perhaps a military flag and American flag placed side by side? this wonderful 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case addition to a wall in your home or office is a keepsake for multiple purposes. Display this 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case as a military branch display case, a memorial flag display case, a burial flag display case or a police flag or firefighter flag display case. Whatever the end use, this attractive flag display case, roomy enough for a double flag display, is perfect as an enduring gift for military servicemen and servicewomen and their families. The encased compartment is also perfect for display at government buildings, where state and provincial flags can be combined with the American flag to enhance an office building?s sense of place and patriotism.


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