Ken’s Pizza

East Texas has no shortage of buffets and when it comes to pizza, few can rival Ken’s Pizza in Tyler.  It seems most pizza restaurants spend more time trying to come up with “experimental” flavors.  Ken’s, however, does a great job of keeping the traditional favorites coming while inserting something new here-and-there.  Hamburger, Cheese, Pepperoni, and Sausage pizzas always seem to be available alongside Spinach, Taco, and Fajita pizzas, among others.  Ken’s also has an ample salad bar and great desserts.

The cost is about $40 for a family of five.  “Servers” will bring you new plates, but service tends to be a bit slow and inattentive.   If all else fails, simply walk up to the buffet and request a new plate and you’ll be on your way.


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