Automobile Registration – Smith County Tax Office

So, you’ve waited until the last minute to register your car?  Good news!  There’s no need to rush down to the county seat in Tyler and wait in line during your lunch break.  There’s a Smith County Tax Office right in Lindale. Physical address: 2616 S. Main Street – Lindale, TX 75771 It’s a bit… Continue reading Automobile Registration – Smith County Tax Office

Howdy, folks!

Big Tex, State Fair of Texas

“Howdy, folks!” If that phrase sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve been to The Great State Fair of Texas. Or, if you’ve lived in Texas long enough, you’ve received that hearty greeting from one of the locals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the Lone Star State all of your life or that you’ve… Continue reading Howdy, folks!

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