Sweet Dreams at The Shed in Edom

I simply can’t stress it enough to you big-city folks;  when you’re in East Texas PLEASE go where the locals go!  And out here, it’s hard to beat a place like The Shed.

Now, the city of Edom is a bit off the beaten path of Interstate 20 so folks usually come to Edom with purpose in mind.  There’s a nice row of antique shops in town, but it’s main attraction is the food.

“Texas Friendly Spoken Here” is the feeling you get when you walk into The Shed and don’t let the name or its seemingly small building fool you.  This is a very large restaurant and can accommodate a party of any size.  On a recent visit, they were able to seat 12 hungry guys from the office right in the middle of the lunch rush.  Orders ranged from grilled chicken sandwiches, meatloaf plates, fried catfish, and chicken fried steak.

The food was excellent, of course, and we all cleaned our plates because Momma raised us right….and we wanted PIE!

It’s true, folks.  The very best reason to come to The Shed is for its world famous pies.  At our table, 6 of the 12 went for the Reese’s Dream — a layer of chocolate and a layer of peanut butter topped off with the most “dreamy” whipped topping you’ve ever tasted.  The rest of the group was evenly divided between Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pie, and my favorite — the Coconut Dream.  It should be noted that a slice of pie at The Shed is, really, almost a full-quarter of the pie…so it’s definitely share-able if your lady friend is around.  On this day, however, there wasn’t any sharing.

So, make your way out to The Shed.  Don’t be put off if the parking lot is crowded because there’s plenty of room inside.  And, as long as Momma’s not around, they’ll probably even let you START with pie.

The Shed Cafe
8337 FM 279
Edom TX 75756


Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken

Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken is known for southern-style home cooking.  Fried Chicken, Livers, Meatloaf, Fried Catfish, Hamburgers, Mashed Potatoes, Hush Puppies, Cole Slaw, you get the idea.  And while all of that makes for some good eatin’ after church on Sunday, it’s the owner’s personal addition to the menu that sets this place apart from any other joint in town.

I’ve driven by Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken a zillion times while making the trek to Lindale’s Faulkner Park for baseball, soccer, etc., but had never made the time to check it out.  But, my wife was privvy to a conversation about the awesome tacos…..wait, tacos? Yes, the friendly folks that run the Lindale location have added taqueria tacos to their menu.  AND THEY ARE AWESOME!  I went for two-each of the chicken and beef tacos (“#16” on the menu).  The tortillas are perfectly toasted so that they hold their shape and the huge load of fixin’s within.  I’ve probably eaten at a dozen taquerias in the Tyler area over the years.  Each tends to be slightly different from the other and Pop’s follows that formula, too.

The beef tacos, for example, are ground beef instead of grilled beef as you commonly find in a taqueria.  And the chicken is cubed and grilled rather than shredded or pulled.  Nonetheless, the meats are well-seasoned and very tasty.  Each of the #16 tacos are topped off with the familiar cabbage, onions, cilantro, and avocado additions that you’d find elsewhere.

Between the two of us, 6 tacos, two drinks, a slice of Coconut Pie and a bowl of Banana Pudding was about $20.  We liked it so much we took the family a few days later.  The boys and I had HUGE baskets of shrimp, catfish, hushpuppies, french fries and cole slaw, our daughter got the chicken finger basket with fries, and my wife got the fried chicken basket with french fries.  Toss 5 drinks into the mix and it was about $38.  Before you balk at the price, however, consider that the same number of combo meals from a fast food chain will set you back about $35 and the food won’t be as good nor as plentiful.  In my book, Pop’s is a winner!

…and don’t forget to try the TACOS!  Seriously!


Daniel Boone’s Grill & Tavern

The five of us took in a little Daniel Boone’s one Sunday afternoon after seeing and hearing numerous advertisements for it quite some time. The theme of the restaurant is loosely based upon the old 1950’s Daniel Boone TV show, complete with a log-cabin look-and-feel and silly signs such as, “On this spot in 1890, nothing happened.” I’d say Daniel Boone’s most-closely resembles Judge Roy Bean’s or Cotton Patch, for those of you visiting from larger communities.

For an appetizer, we started out with the chips and fresh-made salsa, which was just right; a little spicy, but not enough to overtake the rest of your meal. Then, we were told about the ‘bean bar’ where they have a pot of beans-with-beef and another that’s beans-with-pork. Both were very tasty. If I had it to do over again, I would’ve passed up the chips and salsa (at $3.99) and just gone with the beans.

For lunch, my oldest and I went with the cheeseburger. They were a good size, big enough that I took half home for supper, and each came with side of fries. The vegetables were good, likewise for the buns, and, overall, the burger is worthy of having again someday. My youngest son went with the BLT. I’m guessing it was pretty good because I barely got a look at it before it was gone. My daughter went with the chicken rings from the children’s menu. No picky eating for her! She ate a good bit of it…even knowing ice cream was forthcoming. My wife went with the stuffed baked potato. It was delicious. I know this because I had half of it with my burger for supper that night.

If you saved any room at all, Daniel Boone’s welcomes you to their Ice Cream bar, full of self-serve buckets of Blue Bell. The perfect finish to a family-friendly meal.

With a tip, we threw down $52…..more than I’d want to spend on a family meal. If I’d avoided the chips and salsa and gotten water for all five of us, we probably could’ve dropped $10 off the bill.

But, overall, Daniel Boone’s was a pleasant experience and one of the more family-friendly places we’ve visited in East Texas so far. We’ll be back!


Mama’s Restaurant

Took the family of five to Mama’s Restaurant for our last ‘lunchtime with Daddy’ before school starts. Chips and salsa to start, then came the Chicken Strips for my daughter, a pair of Burger Club Sandwiches for the boys, Quesadillas with rice and refried beans for my bride, and Grilled Chicken with fried okra and green beans for me. By the time our food was distributed around the table, you’d think another five family members were on their way! Huge portions and the side dishes were especially big … unusual for most restaurants these days.

My grilled chicken was delicious! It was prepared with fajita-like seasonings and would’ve easily covered not one, but two buns if ordered as a sandwich. The boys had no trouble polishing off their Burger Club sandwiches (basically, hamburgers on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, cut into club sandwich wedges). My daughter couldn’t even finish her chicken strips and my wife ooo’ed and aaah’ed through her quesadillas.

$51 with tip….but the prices are reasonable, actually. I probably could’ve gone with waters all around and passed on the chips & salsa to save about $8. But I’m a chip-and-salsa-aholic, so that’s hard to pass up.

But we’ll be stopping by to visit Mama more often! I may even take MY Mama there!

Dining Travel

Blind Tiger (Shreveport, LA)

My wife and I managed a weekend getaway to Shreveport and chose to eat at the Blind Tiger our first night in town because it was within walking distance of our hotel.

My mission was clear — Cajun food or bust! We started off with an order of Crab Cakes. They came three to an order, each the size of a hamburger patty, with a creamy rue and some small crawfish. The flavor was absolutely outstanding! Crispy on the outside with warm, sweet crab on the inside and not the least hint of a fishy taste. WAHOO WARNING: This appetizer (or “appe-Tiger” as they call it) could easily serve four adults or maybe a family of five…so don’t overdo it right out of the chute.

For supper, I went with the Red Beans and Rice. It took up the entire plate and was served with an enormous wedge of cornbread. My wife had the Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich, served with battered french fries. It, too, covered the plate. In both cases, we ended up eating only half at the restaurant and taking the other half back to the hotel. WAHOO WARNING: Seriously, each of these entrees could easily feed two people.

At this point, we were soundly stuffed. Yet, I still hadn’t learned my lesson. So I ordered not one, but TWO slices of cheesecake and had them boxed up for the walk back to the hotel. We didn’t even peek at the cheesecake until we got back to the room. And, as the Wahoo could’ve told you, WE SHOULD HAVE SHARED A SINGLE SLICE! This wasn’t your Sam’s Club cheesecake, either. Each huge slice of traditional cheesecake came with a container of chocolate drizzle, caramel drizzle, and a dollop of whipped cream. It took us two nights to polish those off, too.

So, in short, we had an appetizer, two entrees, and two desserts for $44 (including tip) and could have easily fed 4 or 5 people. If you leave this place hungry, it’s your own fault. But chances are, you’ll leave saying “Wahoo!” Oh, and be sure to tell the Wahoo howdy on your way out.