Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken

Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken is known for southern-style home cooking.  Fried Chicken, Livers, Meatloaf, Fried Catfish, Hamburgers, Mashed Potatoes, Hush Puppies, Cole Slaw, you get the idea.  And while all of that makes for some good eatin’ after church on Sunday, it’s the owner’s personal addition to the menu that sets this place apart from any other joint in town.

I’ve driven by Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken a zillion times while making the trek to Lindale’s Faulkner Park for baseball, soccer, etc., but had never made the time to check it out.  But, my wife was privvy to a conversation about the awesome tacos…..wait, tacos? Yes, the friendly folks that run the Lindale location have added taqueria tacos to their menu.  AND THEY ARE AWESOME!  I went for two-each of the chicken and beef tacos (“#16” on the menu).  The tortillas are perfectly toasted so that they hold their shape and the huge load of fixin’s within.  I’ve probably eaten at a dozen taquerias in the Tyler area over the years.  Each tends to be slightly different from the other and Pop’s follows that formula, too.

The beef tacos, for example, are ground beef instead of grilled beef as you commonly find in a taqueria.  And the chicken is cubed and grilled rather than shredded or pulled.  Nonetheless, the meats are well-seasoned and very tasty.  Each of the #16 tacos are topped off with the familiar cabbage, onions, cilantro, and avocado additions that you’d find elsewhere.

Between the two of us, 6 tacos, two drinks, a slice of Coconut Pie and a bowl of Banana Pudding was about $20.  We liked it so much we took the family a few days later.  The boys and I had HUGE baskets of shrimp, catfish, hushpuppies, french fries and cole slaw, our daughter got the chicken finger basket with fries, and my wife got the fried chicken basket with french fries.  Toss 5 drinks into the mix and it was about $38.  Before you balk at the price, however, consider that the same number of combo meals from a fast food chain will set you back about $35 and the food won’t be as good nor as plentiful.  In my book, Pop’s is a winner!

…and don’t forget to try the TACOS!  Seriously!

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